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The Impact of Precision Machining Across Industries

When it comes to custom parts for your business, precision and reliability are paramount. American Precision Industries (API) stands out as a leader in delivering high-quality machining solutions. As your CNC machine shop in Portland, API leverages cutting-edge technologies like precision CNC machining, CNC turning with prototyping and CAD engineering to meet and exceed the…
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4 Benefits of Precision CNC Manufacturing

As a precision CNC machine shop in Portland, we at API/AMS are at the forefront of the industry’s precision manufacturing revolution. In fact, the precision machining market is estimated to continue to experience notable expansion for the foreseeable future. That’s because precision machining offers many advantages over conventional methods, from creating custom components for a…
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Unlocking Precision and Efficiency: The Advantages of 5-Axis Milling

With a state-of-the-art machine shop in Oregon, API is dedicated to delivering precision, quality and efficiency to our clients. For us, that means providing a wide array of CNC milling machines, including our Mori-Seiki NMH6300 5-axis horizontal CNC machining cell. Check out the video of it in action here.  5-axis milling is a machining technique…
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