Quality POLICY

The customer is our employer.

Our job at API is to deliver quality products on time with a commitment to always exceed customer expectations. This is accomplished by maintaining the effectiveness of our quality management system, always striving for continual improvement, and adhering to any statutory regulatory requirements.

We maintain a temperature controlled QC inspection area. 

Our QC inspection area includes a Zeiss CMM, Starrett Manual CMM, Starrett AVR video measuring machine, Trimos V5 and V4 height gauges, and thousands of hand measuring devices such as thread gauges, mics, deltronic pin gauges, and calipers. 

We also have multiple granite inspection points throughout the production floor equipped with with a variety of inspection devices.

Our culture of quality is built around our customer.

We use a robust quality software system.and contains quick access to First Article Inspections, Corrective Actions, Recording Measurements, Generating Reports, Calibration, and Preventative Machine Maintenance.

We set a high standard for quality and reliability.

Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of an intelligent and skilled effort.

“Quality is our culture that is built around embracing our customer.”

Quality Director Jason Burgess

Here at API we have a team atmosphere. Quality is baked in to our company culture.

Our KPI’s are customer and supplier driven. Our goal is to work effectively and efficiently to deliver a high quality product every time and on time.

  • API will meet or exceed your expectations. We have the capability to handle job shop type inspections and high volume inspections.
  • We utilize SPC and AQL's in accordance with what the customer needs. We can create full inspection plans and create dimensional reports when required by our customer.
  • We take risk seriously. We have meetings twice per week to focus on customer's new parts and/or revision changes prior to releasing them to the shop floor. This upstream control along with API's quality control throughout the process ensures our customer will receive a high quality part.

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