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American Precision Industries (API) started in 1978 as a small, two-man operation just outside Portland, Oregon. It was sales by day, manufacturing by night — with a do-or-die attitude — serving an emerging chip manufacturing industry.

Today, API has expanded to over 90k manufacturing square feet, employs over 125 dedicated personnel. API continues to serve the semiconductor industry as well as aerospace, medical, renewables and defense.

Our primary goal at API is to work toward continuous improvement in all phases of business, with the belief that providing the best support possible to our customers is the perfect roadmap for continued success. Our customer is our employer, and we strive to maintain a quality culture - focused on embracing our customer’s needs and expectations.

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Our Oregon Manufacturing Facilities

Today API has two facilities, offering the latest in machining and sheet metal services.

API is housed in a 50,000-square-foot machine shop in Hillsboro, Oregon, just six miles from its original location. This facility houses machining equipment from CNC vertical, horizontal, and 5-axis machines, to manual milling/lathe/welding/painting.

With a highly qualified workforce of 75 skilled individuals, API has the capacity and adaptability to meet your manufacturing needs. API maintains a continuous commitment to delivering products of the utmost quality, using only premium grade materials and sub contract services.